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  • A Decades-Old Family Recipe...

A Decades-Old Family Recipe...

...But Still Just As Delicious!

Do you feel your recipes lack that extra zing? Craving that Midwest and West Coast Flavor? Look no further than Pearson’s Premium Barbecue Sauce! A BBQ sauce that packs a SERIOUS punch. 

" sauce that I have ever tasted"

Pearson's Premium BBQ Sauce is the best sauce that I have ever tasted. I am elated that they are bringing it back. I definitely recommend that everyone taste this sauce. You'll thank me when you taste it.

Love Dimel

"...put it on err thang"

Look here now, I've waited YEARS for this sauce to make a comeback...I'm about to get some bottles, yes SOME, and put it on err thang. Then I'm gonna get some more bottles and put it on err thang else....

Jamie Marlene

"Best sauce evah!"

Best sauce evah! I remember putting it between 2 slices of bread and just throwing down! It was just that good!!! Can't wait!

Regina McCloud

"...used to drink it like kool-aid"

Best sauce ever. We used to drink it like kool-aid in college. Welcome back!

Selorme Dorcoo

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